Implementation is a process... not an event.

Whether you are a new client, new user, or seasoned pro, we have you covered for training.

Initial purchases and upgrades include online training time which never expires. Use it when you need to.

Four methods of training are offered. On-site training is the costliest, but also the most effective... we come to you. Online training is our usual method, and you may have as many users as you like in these sessions. In-house training is done at our Orlando office. Year round webinars do not consume training hours but are billed separately, and focus on specific features. To request training call 866-988-4400 option 1,2.

Training Options

On-Site, at your office

$1,500 per day, plus travel expenses (Air, Hotel, Car Rental)

All you’ll need is an office or conference room large enough to accommodate your group and an available workstation we can use for training. If you have a large conference room monitor, great! If not, we’ll bring a projector.

In-House, at our office

$1,000 per day

The training room of our Orlando, Florida headquarters can accommodate up to 15 users. We’ll even provide lunch!

Online Training

$125 per hour

There are two simple requirements for online training: have Prevail installed, and have an Internet connection! We connect via a screen-sharing website so that you and your trainer are seeing exactly the same screens. You have joint control over the mouse and keyboard during your training session, and your trainer speaks with you via telephone.


$60 per firm per session

Each webinar costs $60 per firm, with no limit to the number of attendees per firm. To register, select the date and time (all times are Eastern Time Zone) of the webinar(s) you would like to attend from the drop-down list, and click on the 'Add to Cart' button to check out via PayPal. If you would prefer to pay by check, or over the phone with a credit card, you can call us at 407.228.4400, and any Prevail representative can assist you with your registration.

You wouldn’t try to fly an airplane just because you know how to drive. Let us train you how to use Prevail so you can use the available features efficiently, and get up and running as soon as possible.

Scheduling and completing your training as quickly as you can will ensure the shortest turn around from purchase to full production.

NEW! Text Messaging (1 hr)

Prevail’s latest addition will allow you to communicate with your clients via text message to send automated messages and appointment reminders through Prevail. This session will cover set-up, implementation, and general use of this new feature.

Dates :

Dashboards (1 hr)

This session will cover building Dashboards, their uses, and multiple real world examples. We discuss the differences between Dashboards and Reports. and how to order custom dashboards.

Document Designer (1 hr)

In this session, you'll learn how to create Prevail merge documents from existing documents, as well as building merge templates from scratch. (While the importance of linking letterhead to documents will be discussed, it will not be covered. A white paper with detailed instructions will be provided to everyone that participates.)

New User Boot Camp (1.5 hr)

The goal for this session is to get new users familiar with and using Prevail. We will cover basic navigation of Prevail, using the Search, creating Contacts and Matters, attaching Related Parties to matters, the Calendar, Tasks, and the History tab.

Process Builder - Standard (1 hr)

This session will focus on the use of Prevail’s existing SSA/VA processes, as well as editing and creating your own Standard Prevail processes.

Questionnaires (1 hr)

In this session you will learn the mechanics of building Questionnaires in Prevail 8, as well as best practices for using them.